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I’ll Always Walk Beside You

Proud son of New Jersey, Richie Sambora, is using his incredible artistry and voice to share the emotional journey of his native state are on in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Richie is releasing a special edition of his song, “I Will Always Walk Beside You,” with musical performances by Alicia Keys on piano, Aaron Sterling on drums and Curt Schneider on bass, along with Richie on vocals and guitars. The track (written and produced by Richie Sambora and Luke Ebbin), a version of which was previously released on his 3rd solo album Aftermath of the Lowdown, takes on new meanings of hope and support in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, when so many have provided aid, financial help and comfort to those in need.

$1.29 — Buy Now

100% of the proceeds from each download will benefit the American Red Cross and the ongoing disaster response and recovery efforts.