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Four more markets/stations have been added to the master list of broadcasts for FRONT & CENTER: Season 4 — RICHIE SAMBORA.


  • Durham, NH- New Hampshire Public TV; Sunday, December 28th at 11PM
  • South Carolina (statewide)- SCETV; Tuesday, December 23rd at 11PM
  • Milwaukee, WI- Milwaukee PTV; Monday, January 26thth at midnight
  • Harrisburg, PA- WITF; Sunday, January 18th at 7PM

Keep checking this website, Richie Sambora’s official Facebook page, and the official Front & Center website as more markets/stations are added weekly…



richie sambora F&C

Season 4 of FRONT & CENTER launches soon…
The final episode of the season is RICHIE SAMBORA’s intimate performance at New York City’s legendary IRIDIUM, the iconic club where he often performed with his mentor and friend, LES PAUL.

This is a program that airs on National Public Television… this means there is no one hard airdate/airtime. It varies market-by-market and they just BEGIN airing on December 2. The dates are now listed at the Official FRONT & CENTER Website

We’ve lifted the RICHIE airdates/times for you and reposted them here for easy reference. As more dates (or changes) are finalized, the official FRONT & CENTER website will be updated and we’ll get updates to you here on Richie’s Official WEBSITE as well as on his Official FACEBOOK Page.

So, mark your calendars (because it’s too early to even set your DVRs!)


Durham, NH- New Hampshire Public TV; Sunday, December 28th at 11PM

South Carolina (statewide)- SCETV; Tuesday, December 23rd at 11PM

Milwaukee, WI- Milwaukee PTV; Monday, January 26thth at midnight

Harrisburg, PA- WITF; Sunday, January 18th at 7PM


San Antonio, TX- KLRN; Thursday, December 4th at 6PM

Odessa- Midland, TX- Basin PBS; Saturday, December 5th at 9PM

Wheeling, OH- WOUC; Saturday December 5th at 11PM

Reno, NV- KNPB; Saturday, December 5th at midnight

Washington DC- WETA; Sunday, December 6th at 12AM, 3AM, 6AM, 9AM

Louisiana (statewide)- LA Public Broadcasting; Sunday, December 6th at 11PM

Philadelphia, PA- WHYY Y2 Channel; Wednesday, December 10th at 4PM

Bowling Green, OH- WBGU Encore; Friday, December 12th at 11PM

West Virginia (statewide)- WVPBY on Create; Friday, December 12th at 8PM

Indianapolis, IN- WFYI; Saturday, December 13th at 4PM

Winston, NC- WUNL; Sunday, December 14th at 2AM

Portales, NM- KENW; Monday, December 15th at 12PM

Columbia, SC- South Carolina Channel; Tuesday, December 23rd at 11PM

South Carolina (statewide)- SCETV; Tuesday, December 23rd at 11PM

Durham, NH- NHPTV; Sunday, December 28th at 11PM

Boston, MA- WGBH/WGBX; Sunday, December 28th at 11PM

Washington DC- WHUT; Sunday, January 4th at 10PM

Merrillville, IN- Lakeshore PTV; Tuesday, January 13th at 9PM

Nashville, TN- WNPT/NPT2; Tuesday, January 20th at 7PM

Nashville, TN- WCTE; Saturday, February 14th at 8PM

Albuquerque, NM- KNME/New Mexico PBS; Sunday, February 22nd at 12AM


New York, NY- Station THIRTEEN; Sunday, December 7th at 1AM
New York, NY- WLIW; Saturday, December 6th at 11:10PM

Los Angeles, CA- PBS SoCal; Sunday, December 7th at 8PM

Los Angeles, CA- KLCS; Friday, December 5th at 10PM

San Bernardino, CA- KVCR; Saturday, December 20th at 10PM

Trenton, NJ- NJTV; Sunday, December 21st at 10PM

Tampa, FL- WUSF; Saturday, January 3rd at 9PM

Minneapolis, MN- TPT; Sunday, December 7th at 11PM

Orlando, FL- WEFS; Thursday, December 11th at 11PM

Cleveland, OH- WVIZ; Sunday, December 7th at 1AM

Portland, OR- Oregon Public Television; Saturday, January 3rdth at 8PM

North Carolina- UNC; Sunday, December 7th at 2AM

Muncie, IN- WIPB; Saturday, December 20th at 9PM

Hartford, CT- Connecticut PTV; Friday, December 26th at 11PM

Kansas City, MO- KCPT; Thursday, December 11th at 10PM

Columbus, OH- WOSU; Sunday, December 13th at 12:30AM

Columbus, OH- WOUB; Saturday, December 6th at 11PM

Salt Lake City, UT- KUED/KUEN; Saturday, December 6th at 11PM



For Immediate Release
Dierks Bentley, Counting Crows, The Fray, John Hiatt, Lady Antebellum, Paul Rodgers, Richie Sambora, Joe Satriani, Richard Thompson and Keith Urban Launch New Season of Front and Center


Ten All New Shows Including a 10th Anniversary CMA Songwriters Series Debut and a Special 99th Birthday Commemorative Concert for Legendary Guitar Pioneer Les Paul


September 24, 2014 (New York) –Multi-Grammy, CMA, and AMA Award winners round out the line-up for the new season of public television’s acclaimed music series Front and Center. This season marks the series’ most diverse line-up to date, including its first Country Music performances, and one-of-a-kind shows with Dierks Bentley, Counting Crows, The Fray, John Hiatt, Lady Antebellum, Paul Rodgers, Richie Sambora, Joe Satriani, Richard Thompson, and Keith Urban.
“This season could be our best,” said Executive Producer Don Maggi. “We’re featuring some of the finest names in pop, rock and country music, who have collectively sold millions of albums, won numerous awards and are easily some of the best live entertainers in the business.”
The ten all-new shows will begin feeding to public television stations starting September 30th. Check local listings for air dates and times in each market and for a sneak peek at the new season click here


  • Counting Crows (September 30)
  • John Hiatt (October 7)
  • Dierks Bentley (October 14)
  • Joe Satriani (October 21)
  • Lady Antebellum (October 28)
  • Keith Urban (November 4)
  • Paul Rodgers (November 11)
  • The Fray (November 18)
  • Richard Thompson (November 25)
  • Richie Sambora (December 2)


The season includes a new collaboration with the Country Music Association (CMA) featuring a 10th Anniversary celebration of the CMA Songwriters Series with CMA Award winner Dierks Bentley. Other performances include Grammy nominee Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company), performing music from his first studio album in nearly 13 years, The Royal Sessions, as well as seven-time Grammy Award Winner, and six-time CMA Award winner, Lady Antebellum, with new music from their highly anticipated upcoming album 747. Grammy nominee and instrumental guitarist Joe Satriani performs an exclusive 99th birthday commemorative concert for celebrated guitar pioneer Les Paul, and legendary songwriter/guitarist Richie Sambora, co-creator of some of the most instantly recognizable songs today, performs his first solo concert in New York City in nearly 25 years, paying tribute to his mentor and hero Les Paul.

Country superstar Dierks Bentley said, “The core of Country Music is its songs, and the CMA established the CMA Songwriters Series 10 years ago to recognize a really important part of our genre, the songwriters. We don’t typically take the time to thank the songwriters, so collaborating with the CMA and Front and Center was the perfect place — a night with five guys on stools sharing stories, songs and whiskey.”
“My Front and Center special was special indeed,” said British rock singer Paul Rodgers. “They provided a dazzling setting for all the Royal Session musicians from Memphis, and myself, to dig into the tracks from the album. Visually and aurally the show came off beyond my expectation. Everyone worked together to capture the same magic that we captured and recorded on the album. Absolutely a night in my life to remember and I’m thrilled that we can share it with the fans.”
All episodes of Front and Center are directed by Pierre and François Lamoureux of FogoLabs.

For more information on the Front and Center music series please visit and check out the YouTube page at



In May of 2012, THE MIDNIGHT MISSION honored RICHIE SAMBORA with a GOLDEN HEART AWARD at their annual gala.

This coming September 30th, THE MIDNIGHT MISSION will once again host their GOLDEN HEART AWARDS GALA and this year, it is RICHIE who will be doing the presenting of the award. THE MIDNIGHT MISSION will be honoring DENISE SALAZAR, Richie’s long-time right hand and earthbound-angel for all her extraordinary efforts on behalf of the Mission’s mission. (It was Denise’s involvement that led Richie to get involved…) In addition, RICHIE (along with ORIANTHI) will be performing at the event.

For more information on THE MIDNIGHT MISSION and their work please visit

For more information about THE GOLDEN HEART AWARDS please visit

Last year, film/stage/TV legend DICK VAN DYKE presented the award to RICHIE (these are among his favorite photos.)
Below please enjoy the ‘thank you’ speech given by Richie upon receiving the honor.


Ladies and Gentlemen, DICK VAN DYKE.
Thank you so much for that introduction.

I want to start by thanking LARRY ADAMSON and everyone at MIDNIGHT MISSION for this profound honor.

I’d like congratulate to my fellow honorees, DEL and BETTINA.

And a special THANK YOU to my FAMILY AND FRIENDS who are here with me tonight
and to all of you who came out to join us in celebrating the work of MIDNIGHT MISSION.

Everybody knows Bon Jovi is a New Jersey band.
And that I’m a proud son of the Garden State.
But I’ve been an L.A. resident for almost twenty years now.
So, naturally, I’d heard of MIDNIGHT MISSION but I have to admit I didn’t really know the extent of their outreach work.

A few years back, my buddy NORM HARRIS (from Norm’s Rare Guitars) and my dear, dear friend, DENISE SALAZAR, began collaborating on a project. They wanted to produce a 3-show benefit concert series at the Malibu Performing Arts Center to raise money for MIDNIGHT MISSION.
They invited me to lend a hand in the most obvious, logical way: by asking, “WILL YOU PERFORM?”
This was my introduction to the incredible body of work being done by the MIDNIGHT MISSION. It resonated with me. So, for the past SIX years, I’ve been proud to help MIDNIGHT MISSION however I can and it’s been as rewarding an experience as anything else I’ve done in my life.
THANK YOU, NORM and DENISE, for bringing such a moving force into my life.

Our natural urge to help when we witness others in need is essential to our humanity.
All of us are interconnected as part of one universal family.

Buddhism teaches us “the fragrance of the deeds of good men spreads to the ends of the earth, in all directions, regardless of the wind.”

We all know the proverb: “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime…”

Jesus reminded us “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” and thru parables showed us those neighbors include strangers in need.

These are all parts of the same timeless, universal message.

We do this work because it’s the right thing to do, the righteous thing to do.
We don’t do it for credit, or publicity, or for awards (as lovely as they might be.)
And I’ll admit doing this work makes ME feel good.
But we do it because to be open-hearted means to be open-handed.

Each of us has the ability to give of ourselves…
Whether we pursue giving as a career – as doctors or nurses, teachers or social workers…
Or we donate our time and resources – as a Red Cross volunteer or foster parent…
Whether we give blood, serve meals, or help find shelter for those in need of a bed at night…
Whether we write out a check or we simply hand a dollar or a sandwich to a homeless person…
It all matters EQUALLY.

In my mind, we ALL have this GIVING BRANCH in our hands – and you can’t possibly know how far of a distance it will bridge or how you might touch the lives of others until you stretch out your arms to help those in need.

Music has been my life for as long as I can remember. It’s my sanctuary, my church and a source of spirituality. As an artist, as a writer – I’m channeling all my emotion and inspiration into words and music that I can only hope touches others. I then I get to further convey all those feelings when I take the stage, whether it’s in front of seventy people or in a stadium filled with 70,000 people…
I try to infuse all the love, faith, passion, and spirituality I feel into every performance. It becomes a transcending experience for me and the connection shared in that moment is truly powerful.

Music has given me a life beyond my wildest dreams. So it’s through music that I am able to repay the universe. All that music has done for me personally is shadowed by how I can use that success to do for others now. Music has enabled me to give of myself.

And my SELF, my identity, rests upon a sturdy foundation — building blocks forged by others in my career and my life who have helped shape me into the man standing before you tonight.

MY BELOVED FATHER, ADAM, was the kindest and proudest Father a son could ever wish to know.
We lost him five years ago and still I miss him. Every day.

DENISE RICHARDS – whose approach to life is a daily reminder to greet everyone and all of life’s
challenges with an open heart…

MY INCREDIBLE DAUGHTER, AVA – my world changed the moment she was born. Having a daughter
is like having my heart forever walking around on the outside. I love her beyond words. But I really
LIKE her too as I watch her grow into a beautiful, bright, kind-hearted young woman. She is the
sunshine in my life. Ava is my greatest accomplishment.

If anyone deserves an award, it’s my Mom.
For being such a kind and gracious lady, and such a loving, devoted, supportive mother.
(Also, the most awesome grandmother ever.)
So much of who I am today is because I am her son.
She is the very definition of a Golden Heart.

I suspect the people who rely upon the MIDNIGHT MISSION are not so very different from me or you or anyone else sitting in this ballroom tonight.

I know I’ve been extraordinarily blessed in my lifetime.
Yet, it’s no secret I’ve experienced my share of stumbles along my journey.
One of my greatest blessings has been the unwavering support and love (albeit, at times, tough love) of my colleagues, my friends, and my family.
And having the resources to get myself the help I needed.
For all this, I am GRATEFUL.

But for the homeless and hungry, the addicted and the disenfranchised of Los Angeles, these things don’t exist except in the form of the MIDNIGHT MISSION; for them, MIDNIGHT MISSION IS THAT BLESSING.

Now that I truly understand the breadth and scope of the work being done by the MIDNIGHT MISSION, and how my giving back not only enhances the lives of others but nourishes my soul… I only want to do more.

I’m honored to be a part of this incredible MIDNIGHT MISSION family who prove, day in and day out,

Thank you.